Planting Geelong & Garden Planning

The Horticulture Experts

What’s a garden without plants? Olive Branch Landscaping’s principal landscaper Theo has worked in the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula for many years, with expertise and knowledge of the right plants for our unpredictable soil and weather.

Having a Certificate 4 in Horticulture, look no further than Olive Branch Landscaping to plan you garden to your requirements, providing you with the most gorgeous and durable plants to tackle specific seasons and look great all year round.

Planting Aesthetics

No matter your garden’s aesthetic, whether it revolves around native, tropical, oriental or English countryside plants, Olive Branch Landscaping suggests and plants the right options to create your dream custom landscape.

We’ll also provide you with the right advice on how to look after your plants, to help them grow and flourish in their new home. Combining your plants with the entire landscape design, including landscape constructions, decking, paving and lawn choices is also crucial in creating your own seamless, stylish and practical landscape.

If you don’t know where to start with your plant choices, don’t hesitate and contact us now!


  • Discover the best plants for your specific soil and weather.
  • Have your garden look great all year round.
  • Find plants best suited to your garden’s aesthetic.
  • Get the right advice on how to care for your new plants.
  • Show off your garden with a range of colours, shapes and textures.

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