Geelong Retaining Wall Design Construction

Retain the Look

Retaining walls don’t always have to be for structural purposes, with Olive Branch Landscaping’s creativity, we can turn a sloping garden into a specially designed landscape, with the option for steps, levels, seating, garden beds or vegetable gardens.

By installing retaining walls, not only will your garden become more stylish and practical, but safer for children and pets, stopping unwanted erosion and soil movement. Contact us now to get started on your new garden’s construction!

Design & Construction

Olive Branch Landscaping excels in designing and installing retaining walls which complement your entire custom landscape design, utilising quality materials. Whether you want your retaining walls to stand out or blend in, we can suggest and use the perfect materials to do so.

Understanding Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula’s soil and natural environment is vital in designing and constructing the perfect retaining walls for your garden. At Olive Branch Landscaping, we work alongside you and your requirements, so we can provide a strong and good-looking solution for drainage problems, soil erosion, fence support or those after the installation of steps.


  • Stop soil erosion and drainage problems.
  • Creative solutions include raised garden beds, seating and vegetable gardens.
  • Reconfigures the natural landscape to make use of difficult spaces.
  • Perfect for properties with sloping gardens.
  • Safer landscape for children and pets.
  • Match your retaining walls with materials from the rest of your garden.

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